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The 3 Anatomical Causes of Your Hip Pain

If You Have Chronic Hip Pain,
Then There’s A Great Chance You’re…

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That You Can’t Do The Activities You Love?

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What Treatments Will Truly Help You?

Most people believe that hip pain is mainly caused by, sleeping in awkward positions, lifting something heavy, or sitting all day. Those day-to-day activities may worsen hip pain over time, but they’re rarely the root cause.

Instead, more often than people may think, chronic hip pain is actually due to inactivated muscles, tight connective tissues, and sub-optimal movements.

And so, coupled with those daily stressors, what could be a simple hip pain leads to something more serious (that could prevent you from living the life you want). Also, many people readily accept that hip pain is a normal sign of aging. Well, to tell you the truth hip pain isn’t normal AT ALL, and you don’t have to suffer… And the great news is you can do something to relieve your hip pain.

Better Life is here to ensure you don’t suffer from chronic hip pain for the rest of your life.

The Precise & Personal Care You’ve Been Looking For

The Precise & Personal Care You’ve Been Looking For

With our 94% success rate, the Better Life Approach has given our clients exceptional results because we treat your hip pain’s root cause. 

Take note: our clients aren’t just experiencing band-aid solutions – we’re talking about major improvements in how they live!

At Better Life, our approach to hip pain treatment is unique, unconventional, and highly effective. Instead of focusing on your hip pain symptoms that don’t give you sustainable results and could even worsen over time, we directly target the underlying issue to relieve your hip pain once and for all. 

Without relying on harmful injections, expensive medications, and surgeries, we gather our expertise in physical therapy, strength conditioning, connective tissue therapy, and hip pain management to get you back to your peak performance and enjoy living life again. 

Here’s what you could experience by working with us:

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The Better Life Guarantee

At Better Life, as much as we want to give you the healing you deserve, we also understand that when dealing with chronic hip pain, finding a highly effective treatment plan can be difficult.

And so, in line with that and everything we stand for, we’ll give you the best deal no other PT in this industry is willing to offer: 

If you don’t see improvements in the first 3 sessions working with us, we’ll give your money back (in FULL with no questions asked). 

Remember: Your first-ever session is completely FREE, so you don’t have to commit to anything at all.

PS. You absolutely have ZERO RISK in giving us a try.

What Other Active Adults Like
You Are Saying About Our Results

What Other Active Adults Like You Are Saying About Our Results

Heal Your Hip Pain With Your
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Heal Your Hip Pain With Your Free Session

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The Techniques
And Movements

You get all of this for your FREE session at no risk for you

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Learn 7 different ways to relieve injuries and chronic pain...even if you've suffered for months or years, or no other treatment has helped!

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